Paper 05

Paper-05 | Reg. No.:20160605|DOI:V5I1P05 BlueFi : Co-Existence of Bluetooth & WiFi Satish Kumar Srivastava ,Singhania University-Rajasthan. In computing and telecommunications, a protocol or communications protocol is a formal description of message formats and the rules for exchanging those messages. Protocols may include signalling, authentication and error… Read More»

Paper 06

Paper-06 | Reg. No.:20160606|DOI:V5I1P06 BlueFi : LiFi System integrated in Streetlights Mobile Communication Madhuri Namdeo Dhanorkar ,Singhania University-Rajasthan. In this paper, a functional LiFi real-time testbed implemented on FPGAs is presented. The setup evaluates the performance of our design in a downlink scenario where the transmitter is… Read More»

Paper 07

Paper-07 | Reg. No.:20160607|DOI:V5I1P07 BlueFi : GPS Mobile Based Human Tracking on Google Map in Real Time Vijeth Vithal Shetty There are such systems in industry which are used to monitor the real time location of vehicles in Google Map. They all use Global Positioning System. These… Read More»

Paper 08

Paper-08 | Reg. No.:20160608|DOI:V5I1P08 BlueFi : Survey on Key Management Schemes for constraint environment of WSN Kumail Lakhani,Ashwin Nivangune,T.D. Biradar,Dept. of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering DJ Sanghvi College of Engineering University of Mumbai Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN) are becoming the heart of many applications. Data integrity and… Read More»

Paper 09

Paper-09 | Reg. No.:20160609|DOI:V5I1P09 BlueFi : Touch Communication- Transferring data through human body Roshani Rajput ,Prof Amit Jain,Department of Information Technology, Rajiv Gandhi Proudyogikia vishvavidyalaya,Bhopal,Madhya Pradesh Our project describes a model of human area networking technology that enables communication by touching, a technology we call Red Tacton.… Read More»

Paper 01

Paper-01 | Reg. No.:20160301|DOI:V4I4P01 IP based drowsiness detector for Real Driving Conditions Kalpesh Topare , Tejaswi Pawar , Yogesh Patil , Nikhil Dudhagawali, Deparment Of Computer Engineering,Mumbai University,Padmabhushan Vasantdada Patil Pratishthan’s College Of Engineering, Sion, Mumbai, India. This paper presents a method for detecting driver drowsiness, based… Read More»

Paper 02

Paper-02 | Reg. No.:20160302|DOI:V4I4P02 FULLY PROTECTED GEO-ENCRYPTED EXAMINATION PAPER DISTRIBUTION SYSTEM Prof. Renuka Deshpande, Pranali Shirsat, Shraddha Pawar, Varsha Rambade, Mumbai, India. With the faster growth of mobile networks and devices we can use them to send e-mail, theatre booking etc. In such scenario, we need to… Read More»

Paper 03

Paper-03 | Reg. No.:20160303|DOI:V4I4P03 Methodology for Upper Body Estimation and Lower Body Estimation Asha Bhangre , Prof . Anil Chhangani, Deparment Of Computer Engineering, LTCOE, Mumbai, India. Methodology for upper body and Lower body estimation has been proposed in this paper .We decompose the problem into following… Read More»

Paper 04

Paper-04 | Reg. No.:20160304|DOI:V4I4P04 Implementation of Switching On/Off Devices Using Brainwave-Technology Krupali Wadekar, Abhishek Ghadigaonkar, Nikita Wankhede, Priyadarshan Tuplondhe, Deparment Of Computer Engineering, P.V.P.P.C.O.E, Sion , Mumbai, India. In this project we developed a technology which can control devices (e.g.: bulb). We used neuron electrode headgear which… Read More»

Paper 05

Paper-05 | Reg. No.:20160305|DOI:V4I4P05 LIGHT FIDELITY Hetal Solanki, Alisha Mujawar, Enakshi Pujare, Ashutosh Jadhav, Prof. Atul Shintre, Prof.Pratik Adhikari, Department Of Computer Engineering PVPPCOE Sion, Mumbai, India. In this paper, we describe the design and implementation of LI-FI. Abstract – Li-Fi stands for Light-Fidelity. Li-Fi is transmission… Read More»