Paper 04

Paper-04 | Reg. No.:20121204|DOI:V1I3P04 Weather Probing System Devendra Prajapati,   M.E. –Institute Of Technology and management -Gorakhpur,UP India is an agriculture dependent country where 70% of the people are dependent on agriculture and allied activities. There are huge variations in topography and climatic zones resulting in different rainfall,… Read More»

Paper 05

Paper-05 | Reg. No.:20121205|DOI:V1I3P05 Wireless Automatic Station Identification System with Announcement Nayan Mahajan, M.E. –Anuradha Engg. College.Chikhli, Buldana, Maharashtra In our day to day life, we all are spending our time in travelling as it is integrated part of life. In the proposed system we will try… Read More»

Paper 06

Paper-06 | Reg. No.:20121206|DOI:V1I3P06 Bicycle Computer Anurag Doshi,M.E. – Sardar Vallabhbhai National Institute of Technology–Surat, Gujrat  As in the modern world the number of vehicle is increasing day by day for transportation, the consumption of fuel also increasing simultaneously. Many reports are pointing that in near future… Read More»

Paper 07

Paper-07 | Reg. No.:20121207|DOI:V1I3P07 Performance Evaluation of Zigbee Using Matlab Simulation Nilesh Shirvoikar, Hassanali Virani, Dr. R.B. Lohani- Department of E&TC, Goa College of Engineering (Govt of Goa) Farmagudi- Goa  Wireless Local Area Networking standard (Wi-Fi) and the WPAN standard (Bluetooth and Zigbee) products utilize the same unlicensed… Read More»

Paper 08

Paper-08 | Reg. No.:20121208|DOI:V1I3P08 Hand Cursor Implementation Using Image Processing & Sixth Sense Technology Uma Sahu, Ditty Varghese, Gayatri Gole, Melanie Fernandes, Pratiksha Mishra-DonBosco Institute of Technology, Mumbai, India A number of devices are developed to help the physical world interact with the digital world and only… Read More»

Paper 09

Paper-09 | Reg. No.:20121209|DOI:V1I3P09 Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing for Wireless Networks Aditya Mhatre, Abhaypratap Singh, Aditya Raut–Dept of electronics & telecommunication, University of Mumbai   Orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (OFDM) is a special case of multicarrier transmission, where a single data stream is transmitted over a number of… Read More»

Paper 10

Paper-10 | Reg. No.:20121210|DOI:V1I3P10 Ad hoc Sensor Network for Windmill Conditioning Monitoring and Control Trupti A. Nawadkar –Terna Engineering College, Navi Numbai, India Mankind has used the wind as a source of energy for several thousands of years. It was one of the most utilized sources of… Read More»