Paper 05

Paper-05 | Reg. No.:20120617|DOI:V1I1P05 Revolutionary No Time Billing for Malls Prof. Swati R. Zope (Assistant Professor (EXTC Department) – K.C. College of Engineering.)    Imagine a store in which you just walk in and pick up the required items from shelves and just walk out. No waiting in long… Read More»

Paper 06

Paper-06 | Reg. No.:20120618|DOI:V1I1P06 Automatic WiFi Notice Transmission in College Campus Prof. Arth Koeri (Research Head – LTL-Information Technology)    Messages are a very important aspect of communications. It is convenient to display messages regarding meeting times, exam dates, special events, class cancellations or any pertinent information. Notice Board… Read More»

Paper 07

Paper-07 | Reg. No.:20120621|DOI:V1I1P07 Human Path Tracer & Logger in Mobile Prof. Arth Koeri (Research Head – LTL-Information Technology)    There are such systems in industry which are used to monitor the real time location of vehicles in Google Map. They all use Global Positioning System. These systems are… Read More»

Paper 08

Paper-08 | Reg. No.:20120622|DOI:V1I1P08 PC Monitored Guard with Auto Sensing of Emergency Prof. Arth Koeri (Research Head – LTL-Information Technology)    Safety and Security plays very important role in everyone’s life and people spend lots of money for security. A huge amount is spend on security guards and night… Read More»

Paper 09

Paper-09 | Reg. No.:20120623|DOI:V1I1P09 Automation of College Students Attendance System with No Proxy Prof. Arth Koeri (Research Head – LTL-Information Technology)    In today’s world where we have automation in all the areas, there is one field where technology is not entered yet. It is the attendance system for… Read More»

Paper 10

Paper-10 | Reg. No.:20120624|DOI:V1I1P10 Controller Area Network Rubina.A.Shaikh, Sajid.K.Shaikh, Padmaja Bangde, Rehana.A.Shaikh (Department of Electronics Engineering, Pillai’s Institute of Technology)    Controller Area Network (CAN or CAN-bus) is a vehicle bus standard designed to allow microcontrollers and devices to communicate with each other within a vehicle without a host… Read More»

Paper 11

Paper-11 | Reg. No.:20120625|DOI:V1I1P11 Cloud Computing Rubina.A.Shaikh, Sajid.K.Shaikh, Hanif Shaikh, Mubina Shaikh (Department of Electronics Engineering, Pillai’s Institute of Technology)    This paper deals with the technology call “Cloud Computing” in which resources are provided ” as a services “over the internet to user who do need not have… Read More»

Paper 01

Paper-01 | Reg. No.:20121201|DOI:V1I3P01 Intelligent Gadgets for Bikers With Alert SMS & GPS Positioning Mrs. Meena Ravi kumar ,M.E. –Mumbai University In today’s era, especially in the young generation, the craze of motorbikes is really remarkable. The middle class families prefer to buy motorbikes over 4-wheelers, because… Read More»

Paper 02

Paper-02 | Reg. No.:20121202|DOI:V1I3P02 Card, Password & Web Cam Based Advanced Access Control System Ashutosh Benerjee, Netaji Subhash Engineering College – Kolkata Since eternity we know that the basic needs of man are food, clothing and shelter but this was the scenario in the past. Now day’s… Read More»

Paper 03

Paper-03 | Reg. No.:20121203|DOI:V1I3P03 Interactive Services of College Database for Students Jitendra Shahu,Indira Gandhi Institute of Technology – Bhubneshwar, Orissa  Information Retrieval is the science of locating, from a large document collection, those documents that fulfill a specified information need. According to GSM association, more than 30billion… Read More»