Paper 07

Paper-07 | Reg. No.:20160307|DOI:V5I4P07 Interactive Realtime Mobile Application for browsing University Question Paper   Prof .Saroja T.V.,Mhatre Tejaswini,Kurhekar Sanchita,Jain Monika -S.S.J.C.O.E, Mumbai,India -The Rapid growth of android application is creating a great impact on our lives. In the previous system, user has to view all the information… Read More»

Paper 08

Paper-08 | Reg. No.:20160308|DOI:V5I4P08 Acceptance of Mobile Learning Applications-A Correlational Model   Mujib A.Tamboli, Pradip K. Biswas-Depatment of IT,National Institute of Industrial Engineering,Vihar Lake,Powai,Mumbai-400087,India -The mobile technology has to be used extensively in education sector for better learning experience. Mobile learning is as an extension of e-learning.… Read More»

Paper 09

Paper-09 | Reg. No.:20160309|DOI:V5I4P09 Secure SMS Communication Using Quasigroup Algorithm   Abhishek Shetty, Haroon Antapur, Mit Chauhan,Nita Patil-Department of Computer Engineering, Datta Meghe College of Engineering Airoli, Navi Mumbai. -This paper is on Secure SMS Communication Using Quasigroups Algorithm. We have developed an intermediate application between the… Read More»

Paper 10

Paper-10 | Reg. No.:20160310|DOI:V5I4P10 GPS ASSISTED NAVIGATIONAL SYSTEM FOR BLIND PEOPLE WITH OBSTACLE DETECTION   Gawas Karishma Anil,Bawaskar Snehal Pundlik-Shivajirao S. Jondhale College Of Engineering,Mumbai India -As the technology is advancing day to day, the human machine interaction has become a must in our daily life. The… Read More»

Paper 11

Paper-11 | Reg. No.:20160311|DOI:V5I4P11 TRACKING PILGRIMS AND THEIR MEDICAL PARAMETERS USING GPS & WIRELESS NETWORK   Pushpsen Airekar1, Sharan Hegde2, Gitesh Jadhav3 , Dr. J. W. Bakal -Department of Computer Engineering, Shivajirao S. Jondhale College of Engineering, Dombivli Maharashtra, India. -Currently, there are so many issues regarding… Read More»

Paper 12

Paper-12 | Reg. No.:20160312|DOI:V5I4P12 GSM Based Home Automation System   Aniket A. Nimkar,Nikhil G. Karpate,Sarang D. Pawar,Prof. Deepa Jain-Dept. Electronics Engineering,K. J. Somaiya College of Engineering, Mumbai, India , Over the past decade the area of home automation has grown to a great extent in order to… Read More»

Paper 13

Paper-13 | Reg. No.:20160313|DOI:V5I4P13 A Fuzzy Ruleset Based Agent for C.V. Ranking Support   SEEMA MHATUGADE, VAISHNAVI GAJINKAR, PRIYANKA CHASKAR, CHHAYA PAWAR -Computer Department, Datta Meghe College of Engineering Airoli, Navi Mumbai , In this paper a novel approach is proposed to shortlist and sort candidates applying… Read More»

Paper 14

Paper-14 | Reg. No.:20160314|DOI:V5I4P14 QR Code Based Attendance System   SEEMA PADALKAR, SMITA SAWAKARE, ANKITA SAWALE, SHRADHHA WANKHADE, CHHAYA PAWAR-Computer Department, Datta Meghe College of Engineering Airoli, Navi Mumbai. , Smartphones are becoming more preferred companions to users than desktops or notebooks. Knowing that smartphones are most… Read More»

Paper 01

Paper-01 | Reg. No.:20161201|DOI:V5I3P01 An Android based Integrated system for Physically Disabled People Using IoT : A Review Arathi Boyanapalli,Prof. S.W. Mohod-Department of Computer Science & Engineering, B.D.C.O.E, Sewagram, Wardha – 442001 An android based Integrated system for paralyzed patients can support the patient in giving adherence… Read More»

Paper 02

Paper-02 | Reg. No.:20161202|DOI:V5I3P02 Search over Encrypted Data in Synonym Based Keyword Form Prof. Siddhesh Vaidya,Prof. Sanjay Shimpi,Prof. Vijay Patil -Vidyalankar Polytechnic Mumbai, India Cloud computing has many attractive countenance, because of those countenance; it has become much easier to store large amount of data on it.… Read More»