Paper 11

Paper-11 | Reg. No.:20130411|DOI:V1I4P11 Near Field Communication Technology Trupti A. Bhosale, Prof. B. G. Hogade – Department Of Electronics Engineering, Terna Engineering College, Nerul, Navi Mumbai. Near field communication (NFC) is a technology for contactless short range communication. Based on the radio frequency identification (RFID), it uses… Read More»

Paper 12

Paper-12 | Reg. No.:20130412|DOI:V1I4P12 Wireless Health Monitoring System for Remote Regions Bhushan G. Chopade, Dhiraj V. Bhise, Ragini R. Shende, Bhuvneshwari S. Asutkar, Rohan V. Mehetre, Nitin B. Bhisade – Anuradha Engineering College, Chikhli, Maharashtra, India. Today, the world is moving with a great speed and there… Read More»

Paper 13

  Paper-13 | Reg. No.:20130413|DOI:V1I4P13 Travel with a virtual money using NFC Kishore Keswani, Prof.Ajitkumar Khachane – VIT, Mumbai. A key application of Near Field Communication (NFC) can be found in the field of Electronic Fare Management in this project we are implementing a ticketing system for… Read More»

Paper 14

Paper-14 | Reg. No.:20130414|DOI:V1I4P14 Image matching using SURF and SIFT Kishore Keswani, Prof.Ajitkumar Khachane – VIT, Mumbai. Image matching algorithms are one of the important parts of the computer vision applications. In this paper, we are going to compare the latest image matching algorithms i.e. SURF and… Read More»

Paper 15

Paper-15 | Reg. No.:20130415|DOI:V1I4P15 GPS based Movable objectlocating system Mahendra K. Garud, Prof. P.B. BOROLE – VJTI, Mumbai. Now days, the Smartphone with GPS system-A can trace its own position and this can also be plotted in Google map. But another system-B cannot locate the position of system-A.… Read More»

Paper 01

Paper-01 | Reg. No.:20120901|DOI:V1I2P01 Efficient Framework for Analyzing Coverage Expansion with Capacity Improvement Using Mobile Relay Prof. Pravin P. Adivarekar, Prof Dr. Latha Ragha, Prof. R.V.Shahabadhe (Computer Engineering Department, Terna Engineering College) Cellular systems have significantly evolved over the past decades with the emergence of new and efficient… Read More»

Paper 02

Paper-02 | Reg. No.:20120902|DOI:V1I2P02 Digital Vehicle Data Recorder (DVDR) Dr. Ravi Kumar (Sr. Scientist –Earthbotics (Embedded Division))    A Vehicle data recorder or VDR is a device installed in automobiles to record information related to vehicle crashes or accidents. Information from these devices can be collected after a crash… Read More»

Paper 03

Paper-03 | Reg. No.:20120903|DOI:V1I2P03 Automatic Indicators for Bus Stops Prof. Arth Koeri (Research Head – LTL-Information Technology)    It happens most of the time that the bus for which we are waiting is gone just before we reach the bus stop or after waiting for a long we get… Read More»

Paper 04

Paper-04 | Reg. No.:20120904|DOI:V1I2P04 Embedded Web Server Implementation for Microcontrollers Sunil Kumar (M.E. – Karnataka University)    This is a guide to designing and programming embedded systems to communicate in local Ethernet networks and on the Internet. Ethernet is the networking technology used in many offices and homes to… Read More»

Paper 05

Paper-05 | Reg. No.:20120905|DOI:V1I2P05 Braille Language-Self Learner for Blinds Sunil Kumar (M.E. – Karnataka University)  Life is uncertain; accidents are not coming with an appointment. As Per WHO statistics, 161 million persons live with a disabling visual impairment, of whom 37 million are blind and 124 million are… Read More»