Paper 01

Paper-01 | Reg. No.:20130401|DOI:V1I4P01 Boomerang BOT Prasad G. Govardhanan-Department of E&TC, Goa College of Engineering (Govt of Goa) Farmagudi- Goa A boomerang is a flying tool with a curved shape used as a weapon or for sport. The basic property of any boomerang is the after launching,… Read More»

Paper 02

Paper-02 | Reg. No.:20130402|DOI:V1I4P02 Implementation of Virtual Reality & A.I. using Electronic Chess Board Anish M. Pillai – ME – Pillai’s Institute of Infotech, Engg.  Virtual reality is an artificial environment that is created with software and presented to the user in such a way that the user suspends… Read More»

Paper 03

Paper-03 | Reg. No.:20130403|DOI:V1I4P03 LPG Gas Leak Detector with Automatic Knob Controlling Donna D’Souza-Father Agnel- Vashi An unexpected increase in accidental domestic fire deaths revealed by the latest statistics suggests that a review of home fire safety is needed. The latest available statistics from Communities and Local… Read More»

Paper 04

Paper-04 | Reg. No.:20130404|DOI:V1I4P04 Vehicle Position Locator Without GPS Sujeet Sarkar-Kota Engineering College Vehicle Position Tracking System Using Global System for Mobile communication (GSM) that helps to monitor the position of the vehicle. The monitoring part is carried out through the transmitter and the receiver and the… Read More»

Paper 05

Paper-05 | Reg. No.:20130405|DOI:V1I4P05 Controlling & Status Monitoring of Home Appliances from Anywhere Ashtha S. Avasthy-ME –Terna College of Engineering Short Message Service (SMS) is defined as a text based service that enables up to 160 characters to be sent from one mobile phone to another. With… Read More»

Paper 06

Paper-06 | Reg. No.:20130406|DOI:V1I4P06 Multiple Styles Crawling ROBOT The SandBot Deepak Ahuja-ME-NMIMS Crabs make walking on sand look so easy. It’s a simple motion that has so far baffled scientists who have unsuccessfully tried to recreate the movement in legged robots. Sand, it turns out, is one… Read More»

Paper 07

Paper-07 | Reg. No.:20130407|DOI:V1I4P07 A Review Paper on NFC Technology in Electronics System Mr. HEMANT MAHAJAN, PROF. ARCHANA SHEWALE – SE&CM SGDCOE JALGAON A key application of Near Field Communication (NFC) can be found in the field of Electronic Fare Management. It can radically change existing systems… Read More»

Paper 08

Paper-08 | Reg. No.:20130408|DOI:V1I4P08 Design and Implementation of F.P.G.A based Hardware Controller For Single Phase P.W.M Inverter (Survey Paper) Dr. K. B. Khanchandani (HOD(EXTC DEPT) SSGMCE Shegaon) , Jayant A. Sontakke (SES GOIFOE) Parallel processing capability of F.P.G.A device is used to reduce the time require to… Read More»

Paper 09

Paper-09 | Reg. No.:20130409|DOI:V1I4P09 ON PANEL SIGNALLING & SAFETY SYSTEM FOR RAILWAYS Mr.Abhijit S Khadilkar, Mr. Anish S Kirloskar, Mr. Pratik S Adagale – K.J. Somaiya I.E.I.T Considering the current state of turmoil in the Indian railways, the controversy surrounding the use or rather the ineffective use… Read More»

Paper 10

Paper-10 | Reg. No.:20130410|DOI:V1I4P10 Design and Implementation of Power Theft Detection and Monitoring using wireless Technology Trupti A. Bhosale, Prof.B.G.Hogade – Department Of Electronics Engineering, Terna Engineering College, Nerul, Navi Mumbai. Electricity losses during transmission and distribution are extremely high in India. One of the reason for… Read More»